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Old But New Tools

It’s been a while since upping my photography game, and it came down to buying desirable new equipment at a premium or retooling with a pixel upgrade and used gear. O chose the latter because it lets me use multiple machines with existing gear and a few interesting addons.

First up is the Canon 6D. Because I couldn’t bring myself to part with a few thousand dollars for a full frame mirrorless body right now for everything in one package, minus the expense of having to buy new lenses, etc. which is where the real spend can be, I found this yummy 6D in very good condition locally.

My existing Canon lens lineup is sufficient for me to run with this box, though I have a few additional lenses it will soon see. Suffice it to say that 20MP is ample for what I do, and at a cost under $600, it just made sense, especially since I found review of images from this camera to be superior to a lot of what I see posted in reviews of more expensive models. They retain that ‘photo’ look and don’t feel so digitized.

So here are a few sample shots in this post from the Canon D6.

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