OBN: Canon 6D

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Old But New Tools It’s been a while since upping my photography game, and it came down to buying desirable new equipment at a premium or retooling with a pixel upgrade and used gear. O chose the latter because it … Continued

Bring on the Bokeh

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Amateur and professional photographers don’t just buy and use lenses for their clarity and sharpness. Enter the bokeh. Simply put, bokeh (pronounced BOH-ke) is the rather neglected area outside the sharp focal point. This area may be as intriguing as … Continued

Queer Fruits & Veggies

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Not everything that belongs together fits together. Yet, often, things that are seemingly, radically different may share the same stage. While not in the habit of refrigerating fresh fruit or items in the onion family, these two distant friends found … Continued

Analog Marries Digital

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This gorgeous old C.Z. Jena 58mm f/2 lens retrofitted to my Nikon D200 is fabulous. All images on steve.ws by this date were taken with this exhilarating collaboration except this lens shot, of course, taken with a Yashinon-DS 50mm f/1.9 … Continued