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I’m not entirely sure as to why I feel the need to post this publicly, though feel it may be cathartic somewhat privately. Regardless, I am posting in public for the fun of it. It’s a partial list of famous people that I have met over the years, in various situations, whether serving, talking, working, or just partying with them. It’s been a magical ride. FWIW, some great nightclubs that I’ve been to include Studio 54, Studio One, Circus Disco, clubs in Munich and Jerusalem, among others. I was a non-union actor and character model for a number of years. Good times!

John Adams. Composer.

Keith Barish. Producer.

John Berendt. Author.

Beau Bridges. Actor.

Tony Danza. Actor.

Richard Deacon. Actor.

Bucky Dent. Baseball Player, NY Yankees.

Divine. Actress.

Eileen Ford. Founder, Ford Models.

Rudolf “Rudi” Gernreich, Fashion Designer.

Nancy Honeytree. Musician.

Ron Huldai. Mayor, Tel Aviv.

Garrison Keillor. Author.

Valerie Landsburg. Actress.

Edith Massey. Actress.

Willie Nelson. Singer.

Twila Paris. Singer.

Lester Persky. Producer.

Suzanne Pleshette. Actress.

Robert Rauschenberg. Artist.

Craig Russell. Performer.

Mimi Sheraton. Food Critic, NY Times.

Edwin Starr. Singer.

Stephen Stucker. Actor.

Rip Torn. Actor.

Abe Vigoda. Actor.

Andy Warhol. Artist.

John Waters. Filmmaker.

LeRoy Zimmerman. Attorney General, Pennsylvania.

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