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Free syntaxicon!


My Multi-Touch ebook with poetry, photography, music, and voice, publicly available in the Apple Bookstore, is no longer available for sale. Instead, moving forward, I am offering syntaxicon as a free PDF version... READ MORE

Famously Yours…


I’m not entirely sure as to why I feel the need to post this publicly, though feel it may be cathartic somewhat privately. Regardless, I am posting in public for the fun of... READ MORE

Society Is Not Free…


…And Will Never Again Be Free We’ve lost a core human freedom: the right to freely move about in society. While it may seem like we are still quite able to go where... READ MORE

Forgetting Vivian Maier


Vivian Maier is dead. And that’s our problem. The sometimes gorgeous biopic, Finding Vivian Maier, brings the mysterious and secretive creative genius who chose to live out her life in obscurity back to... READ MORE

Fine Art Transitions

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Wanted to turn part of my Florida Room into a studio after stumbling on art I created in 1990, my Reactor piece, while managing the Radiation Department office at Three Mile Island. Having... READ MORE