The Twitter-Neuralink Connection Prospect

As I’ve said from Day One, and the reason I left Twitter before Elon Musk took over, he bought Twitter for its database(s). That kind of massive account data archive on the most important people in the world, from Hollywood and media celebrities to all our world leaders, it’s hard to put a price on it.
Pretty sure Musk could care less about free speech, it’s a hot ruse and his recent suspension of journalists’ Twitter accounts sums that one up. While he’s got the media focusing on Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX, they’re easily distracted by the bling, not connecting all the dots between the power of that Twitter database and its prospective connection to Neuralink.
That whole bit about not wanting to buy Twitter because of all the bots was his disappointment with the actual valid accounts in Twitter’s databases, and an attempt to get a tighter bead on the actual number of real accounts he would be buying…buying it cleaned up raises its true value, as it does for cocaine and heroin. It’s billionaire crack…an electronic fix for his Neuralink addiction.
Forget Musk’s other ventures, flailing while sucking the oxygen out of the newsroom. Elon Musk is permanently, irrevocably invested in growing Neuralink into its ubiquitous future, now with its new potentially linkable global population…largely from Twitter.


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