all the world loves Kyle who

hasn’t any surname only the

winningest smile on the

strongest of faces with

every right emotion

emitted every needed

instance so even I like him.

they loved King Saul singing

and dancing for he was the

winningest yet to come tho

he towered over them sky

ward as Kyle over all yes

even me and surely Dave

who also evidently loved the king.

a friend has bought them all

fresh drinks and I forgot

such bonding ever still

exists yet it only does

apart from me for whom

it’s much too late to erase

the hurt from this videotape.

I’m back to earth to my Welch’s

white my Strings of Solitude

recording knowing Kyle

knows I must exist but not in the

twisting of my wrist designed

to all but capture him

indelibly in naked ink.