Were you my father would you

buy me the moon or abandon

me from the womb let others

love me through this life while

you defend those who pay you

more than well enough to do

so would you have spoken to

me maybe 10 times total in

my entire life to date which by the

way had I been Jesus would have put

me in the grave last year too late for

concern on your part as you plan to

put the grandkids through school or

would you care less that I may be

fighting tooth and nail to get an honest

education and may very well never get

one maybe would never have seen your

face and had that one specific episode to

recall for the rest of my life had I not

taken initiative by the throat to head to

California some 15 countless years ago?

Wait. You’re not my father.

You’re just a filthy rich lawyer who holds

his breath and sinks into fine rose otto

leather when he dreams long distances or

spies another Pennsylvania postmark.