Famously Yours…

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I’m not entirely sure as to why I feel the need to post this publicly, though feel it may be cathartic somewhat privately. Regardless, I am posting in public for the fun of it. It’s a partial list of famous … Continued

Russia’s Propaganda Tool: Western Media

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Something we might take for granted are semantics of media headlines and their definitive contribution to government propaganda. Case in mind: While it’s important news for the world that Russian troops have killed 200 Ukrainians, consider when the chyron of … Continued

Icons | Iconics | Iconetics

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ABSTRACT Mediated image manipulation, archiving, and sharing are all critical technological aspects of Western culture and postmodern civilization. Consequently, creation, identification, dissemination, and proliferation of powerful images across media channels indicate a burgeoning area of inquiry for information technologies. While … Continued